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agosto 8, 2012 by Doc Brown

Ashes to Ashes…Picture shows: PHILIP GLENISTER as DCI Gene Hunt TX: TBC (c) Kudos There’s been a murder and Gene is convinced that the man responsible is Simon Neary, a ruthless gangster who runs a protection racket and trades in anything he can get his hands on. Fed up with the lousy tip-off, Gene pays a visit to his informant, Reeks a desperate junkie who lurks on the fringe of Neary’s gang. Reeks tells Gene that there’s another meet happening that afternoon – he’s not sure what’s changing hands, but he knows it’s a big deal. Alex and Gene race to a vantage point to watch the swap. Warning: Use of this copyright image is subject to Terms of Use of BBC Digital Picture Service. In particular, this image may only be used during the publicity period for the purpose of publicising ASHES TO ASHES and provided BBC/Kudos is credited. Any use of this image on the internet or for any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising or other commercial uses, requires the prior written approval of Kudos.

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